March 26, 1982 - October 13, 2003

The 10th Anniversary Tournament ended successfully, just like all previous nine tournaments. Comments from several spectators, however, suggested that this year's competition, both in the Open Men's and Co-Ed divisions, was more competitive than ever. This endorsement was echoed by the tournament organizers which bodes well for future tournaments played in Ronale Sanjay's memory.

Although there was no European Cup nor World Cup tournament this year to attract the spectators and players to the tavern between games, one would never have thought it. The place was consistently packed and the mood was always upbeat and positive. Again, another reflection of the tournament as a whole.,

In the Co-Ed Division, LBIWWU, aka Limo Bus If We Win United, led admirably by captain Gianluca Zavarise, prevailed over the always competitive and eight-time past winner, Westside Ballers. As with the Open Mens' Final, these two teams really went at it and the spectators were treated to a truly special event. Congratulations to both teams.

The recipient this year of the Kits memorial scholarship award was Mackenzie Hyde. The SFU award recipient will be named in September due to new guidelines introduced at SFU. Mackenzie was acknowledged at the closing ceremonies as an outstanding individual, a great athlete and truly worthy of the scholarship award.

Raj Naidu, Ronale Sanjay's father, in presenting the trophies, once again expressed his gratitude to all those who had participated in the highly successful event. First and foremost, he thanked all the players from both divisions for their enthusiastic participation. Raj also thanked the organizers of the event, as well as everyone who had volunteered to help make the tournament such a success. It is his hope, as is the hope of all those who loved his gifted son, that this annual tournament will carry the memory of Ronale Sanjay long into the future.

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