March 26, 1982 - October 13, 2003

2015 Summary & Tournament Photos

Another very successful Ronale Sanjay Naidu Tournament ended with very high spirits.

All the players and teams had a wonderful time give their best.

All the expectators and supporters enjoyed throughly a full day of very competitive soccer. Rest of the time everyone enjoyed the women's world cup in the bar or at the lounge. Some of us enjoyed the hot weather by sitting at the pool.

As this was the last year at the sportstown-There has been a lot of good memories linked with this tournament and sportstown.

Fiji United making their first appearance,this year who played their hearts out in winning the open division.

Gian Luca's team LBIWWU ( Limo Bus If We Win United) won again this year marking it three years in a row. Congratulations !!!.

Raj Naidu Ronale's father thanked all the players, teams, organizers and volunteers in making this year tournament such a success.

He also thanked sportstown organization for letting the venue available for this occassion for the last 12 years.

Raj thanked Ravi Ratnam and Vince Naidu for their effort for the last two years and wished them the very best in finding a new location for the continues success.

It is his hope, as is the hope of all those who loved his gifted son, that this annual tournament will carry the memory of Ronale Sanjay Naidu long into the future.

A charity foundation has been established in honour of Ronale. Click on FOUNDATION for details on memorials and scholarships dedicated to Ronale Sanjay Naidu. The Ronale Sanjay Naidu Foundation welcomes your DONATION DONATION
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