March 26, 1982 - October 13, 2003

2017 Summary & Tournament Photos
2017- The 14th annual Ronale Sanjay Naidu Soccer Tournament again a great sucess. Comments we received from players and expectators suggested the competition on both divisions, open and co-ed was very competitive from the beginning to the end. All the players on the teams showed some good talent in soccer.

The venue at Minoru park in Richmond was also very well laid out, with bleachers on one side surrounded by some open space with lots of trees with shades. Players and expectators were all spread out either under the trees or in their tents. We could not have asked for better weather. Sunny all day.

Pacific strickers did it again this year a repeat of last year. Well done Alvin Naidu and team Pacific Strickers.

Competition on the open men's divison as usual was worth watching, this years winner was team Mu F.C. under the leadership of Emile, team organiser. Congratulation to the both teams. A job well done.

Fund raising went well this year, we raised the most money than any other year with the help of a lot of volunteers and generous donors. A big THANK YOU to all.

Organisers Ravi Ratnam and Vince Naidu put a lot of hours to bring this tournament together. What a sucessful tournament it was.

We like to thank everyone for your support, contribution and espectally coming out to the field to give your encourgment. Hope to see you all and more of your friends and families next year.

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