March 26, 1982 - October 13, 2003

2009 Summary & Tournament Photos
Ronale Sanjay Memorial Tournament 2009 Year six has come and gone and another successful tournament is now behind us. Everyone agreed that once again the level of sportsmanship and respect for opponents and game officials was exemplary and represented the standards that Ronale Sanjay consistently upheld. The winning team of the Men's Open Division was Sikh Temple, which had previously won the tournament. The Fina, a real nail-bite, was against a very talented SFU team. The game was tied at fulltime, resulting in a "Golden Goal"overtime period. Both teams were fully committed to winning the game and held nothing back. It was hugely entertaining for the spectators and was a game that no team deserved to lose. Sikh Temple, however, prevailed and are to be commended for their excellent team effort. The two other semi-finalists in this year's tournament were DPI and MIA. In the Co-Ed Division, the Westside Ballers prevailed once again, overcoming a highly skillful and committed Benchwarmers team. It is hoped that there are competitive teams out there that will take up the challenge to be the first team to unseat the WSB team from the lofty perch they have secured. The two other semi-finalists were Tevoro and the Sabre Tooth Tigers. The recipient this year of the Kits memorial scholarship award was Nick Pennington. The SFU award recipient was Milos Jeftic. Both Nick and Milos were acknowledged at the closing ceremonies as outstanding individuals, and truly worthy of the scholarship awards. Raj Naidu, Ronale Sanjay's father, in presenting the trophies and medals, once again expressed his gratitude to all those who had participated in the highly successful event. First and foremost, he thanked all the players from both divisions for their enthusiastic participation. Raj also thanked the organizers of the event, as well as everyone who had volunteered to help make the tournament such a success. It is his hope, as is the hope of all those who loved his gifted son, that this annual tournament will carry the memory of Ronale Sanjay long into the future.
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