Ronale Sanjay Naidu Memorial Tournament 2005


The second annual Ronale Sanjay Naidu Memorial Tournament ran as hoped and planned and once again Ronale's spirit seemed to permeate the two-day event. All the games, both in the "Open Men" as well as the "Co-ed" divisions, were played with great skill and determination, and the many spectators who attended were treated to a highly competitive event. Throughout the weekend, the theme of good sportsmanship, always a feature of Ronale's play, was emphasized and enthusiastically demonstrated by all participants.

It was only fitting that the winning team in the Open Men's division was captained by Ronale's talented younger brother, Vince. His team, DPI, won a very spirited final against a strong SFU Clan Alumni team, with Vince scoring the first goal for his team. The SFU side, lead by prolific goal-scorer Andrew Corazza, gained a berth in the final by narrowly beating last year's Champions, Vancity Alumni. Vancity had been Ronale's team for most of the years he played youth soccer.

The Co-ed division was won for the second year by the Westside Ballers, captained by Ben Hunt. Aminder Johal's side, the Toe-Punters, had a very strong tournament and once again proved to be worthy finalists.

Each year the Ronale Sanjay Memorial Foundation offers scholarship awards to recipients from both the Kits Secondary School and Simon Fraser University. Ronale Sanjay attended both institutions with distinction. This year's awards were presented to Andrew Corazza of SFU, and the Kits award was shared by Gaelan Connell and Rachel Murton.

Raj Naidu, Ronale's father, in presenting the trophies and medals, expressed his gratitude to all those who had participated in the highly successful event. First and foremost, he thanked all the players from both divisions for their enthusiastic participation. Raj also thanked the organizers of the event, as well as everyone who had volunteered to help make the tournament such a success. It is his hope, as is the hope of all those who loved his gifted son, that this annual tournament will carry the memory of Ronale Sanjay long into the future.

Pictures of Ronale Sanjay Naidu Memorial Touranament 2005