March 26, 1982 - October 13, 2003

2004 Summary & Tournament Photos
The first annual Ronale Sanjay Naidu Memorial Tournament was hosted on June 26th and 27th, 2004 at Sportstown Sports Complex at 4991 No.5 Road, Richmond. The small-sided games tournament included two groups of eight (8) teams each. A competitive group played 6-a-side in the indoor arena, and a co-ed recreational group played 5-a-side outside. The weather was beautiful for playing soccer throughout both Saturday and Sunday.

The inaugural Ronale Sanjay Memorial Tournament was won by the team that Ronale captained for several years during his youth soccer....the Vancouver Select(Vancity Alumni) team.

By all accounts the tournament (both the co-ed and competitive divisions) was a huge success and was played throughout in the spirit for which Ronale was known.

The co-ed division was won by the Westside Ballers. This team was often tested their worthy opponents, the Toe Punters, however in the end the stronger team prevailed 5-1.

The competitive final was a true nail-biter with the strong Suva team leading 3-Two very late goals (the tying goal being scored in 20 seconds remaining) by the Vancity Alumni team forced extra time, which eventually won by scoring a 'golden goal'.

Closing remarks by Raj Naidu reflected the bitter-sweet mood of the tournament focused on the many friends and soccer acquaintances that were involved in the tournament in Ronale's memory.

The overwhelming success of the tournament with regards to the small-sided the location of the Sportstown facility and what it had to offer, etc, prompted several players and spectators to suggest that it was an ideal venue and should be considered as the 'home' venue of the Memorial Tournament. Foundation Directors would be very interested in hearing further comments and opinion regarding the pros and cons affecting the choice of a site for future tournaments.

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